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About Me!

Nothin Fantastic But A Simple, Warm 'N' Humble Malaysian (exemplifies the nature of all Malaysians alike)

My IMaGe oN MiRRor
yOu ARe LuCkY TodAy!

Hi Netsurfers! I started my web page after much boredom surfin the Net (tats what everybody says huh!). That's not all


the constant hassle from my son to create a web page (those of his favrites to be specific) for him. For Kiddies you now have a friend in my son.

Well, I'm a Malaysian and of the Baba & Nyonya (Peranakan) clan. I was born in Melaka, homeland of the legendary Malay warrior, Hang Tuah and is now working in Kuala Lumpur , "The Garden City of Lights". For you foreigners visiting or intend to visit Malaysia and wanna know about theGovernment/Politics or find out more about Malaysia, you will find the links extremely useful n interestin.

Besides, I'm a die hard football fan especially LIVERPOOL. You have links to lots of interestin football sites in GOALLLLLLLL. The other part of me is tat I'm also a field hockey player n had been playin hockey since I was 12 years old (tats when the stick was taller than me!) n kinda interestin fact is tat u can't get the hockey itch out of yer system when u hav been in the arena fer about 20 years. Tat long?? Yupp tats rite!

Oh yeah! By the way (btw) please do not ferget to sign my guestbook! Alternative? Yes! Leave a message in my voice mail. Also do contact me fer any comments n suggestions alrite!

Some non-Malaysian hot/cool links fer u to surf to! Malaysian cool links? Click here!


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